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Author, speaker and entrepreneur Kerwin Rae reveals how to become the go-to expert in your field, create products on demand, access capital to grow your business...

And the secrets behind peak performance psychology that guarantee you will perform at the highest level consistently...


We will be revealing insider sercrets & tips to find investors and raise capital for your business, idea or concept without using a bank.

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"Kerwin has programs and processes that really are step by step, paint-by-number, easy to implement that actually work in the real world...

He's truly a world-class marketer, and a world-class trainer of business men... people who really want to enhance their marketing, take it to the next level..."

The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort

"Within a week [of Kerwin's live event, I]... did some deals and [made] $300 grand straight away. Since then that's probably resulted in another $200 [thousand dollars] in sales and extra revenue."

Mick Taylor, Crane Brokers Australia, Melbourne

"I generated $100 thousand dollars... in nine months by working one day a week... [using what I learnt from Kerwin]"

Leanne Stevenson, horse-riding coach, Gold Coast

"Halfway through the second day [of Kerwin's live event]... I've already generated $33,000 worth of new business. Plus an ongoing relationship with potentially 30 people... that could be worth hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Lawrence Petroni, web designer and marketing consultant, Canberra

"I went home last night, [and] did some SEO on my website. [Before] I couldn't get past Page #5 on Google ... I woke up this morning I was ranked #1 and #2 on Google, in 219 million searches."

Daniel Carmichael, founder of

"I used to study marketing and business, but this was really from another league... And it's really practical, you put it into action straight away."

Patricia Schook, an NLP coach from Holland

"Kerwin [the strategies and formulae you taught me at your live event] has completely changed [my business] around from a $65 an hour business and the value has gone up per client roughly $4000 odd dollars."

Jennifer Wells, a qualified teacher and learning tutor

"[The value of what Kerwin teaches] would go into the excess of half a million [dollars]... [That's] what I'm going to make and create from [it]."

Sharon Byrne, Sydney Australia

"In terms of the business the impact is absolutely incredible. Kerwin found £30,000 sat right in the training room"

Marilyn Devonish, Executive Coach UK

"There's been actual bottom-line value to this... [It's] taught me... how to generate better leads, and better qualified leads, and more leads..."

Sacha Wilkinson, Marketing Manager

"[Kerwin's] shown me that I don't have to do the 9 to 5. I can go out, start up a business and its easy. I've gone from $50K a year, $60K a year... to anything is possible."

Pasquale Mollusso, 21 years old, Melbourne, Australia

"I think the 4 years where I've lost income, I'm going to make up for by June..."

Janet McNally, Presenter

"If you want to become a millionaire, come to this place.

You know, I never once thought I knew everything about business. But I didn't even know how powerful this stuff was when I signed up for it. I was just hoping, 'God I hope he can help me, even raise it 5 per cent... 10 per cent!'

Sometimes, someone has an ability to make it click in your head. And that's what's happened here."

David Clarke

"The last five days with Kerwin Rae? Amazing. It's not just a business course, it's not just a marketing course. He helps you look inside yourself and realise your true potential."

Rob Reed

"We've covered stuff in the last five days that I wish I'd learned 10 years ago."

Simon Hedley

"I had so many shifts internally. I now really believe in myself... So I can't recommend this course highly enough to anyone."

Kirsty MacAndrew

"Outstanding! I now have all of the systems, processes and structure to basically take my business to the next level."

Elena Theodorou

"Everything in the course was useful. I used it already. You know, in negotiations this morning on prices for my hotel I've saved some money. So these things are practical. And when you apply them, so far they've worked."

Carl Villis

"I've been to all these workshops where they tell you all this wonderful stuff and when I get home, I get overwhelmed, don't know, panic, and don't do anything. When I found out that at this workshop I actually get to do everything here... Like 'wow!'"

Vicki Tate - registered nurse

"I'm very very excited. Especially because I am an employee and I'm now looking to create my own business."

Zoe Nowak

"If you're thinking of doing this course, trust your intuition."

Christine Bannigan

"It's condensed everything I've wanted to know all my life - and where I've wanted to be taken, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually - I've actually gone on that journey over the last 3 days."

Cheryl Widlend

"... the knowledge you will gain and the potential infinite money you can earn is worth losing a few hours of rest."

Dave Ahlhauser

"Absolutely loved it as I already have two JV meetings set up in 9 days already!"

Silvan Baard

"The information and tools I have received is moving me from an ideas person to a serious business entrepreneur."

Erika Entz

"Kerwin delivers an incredible amount of relevant and life changing information in a clear, simple manner. I now have the confidence to implement systems that will change my business for the better..."

Carly Eva

"Normally I come away from seminars having a good time and having 3 or 4 ideas to implement in my business and life. After Kerwin's seminar I have come away with a totally new business that is nearly unpacked and will be ready to start running within the next 2-3 weeks! How fantastic is that!? "

Lorene Loughron

"Kerwin's presentation of his material has been for me a real relevation, his enthusiasm is what made me hang on his every word. The content is awesome and the caliber of his audience made it very easy to meet the most fantastic people. I will strongly recommend that all my friends consider going to his next program"

Dieter Jebken

"At the end of the program, I had a JV in place with a list of 15 potential industries that would be targeted"

Ian Stubbs

"This course has given me such an insight into so many areas of life and business. It was a wonderful combination of theory and immediate practical application. I am taking away so many new skills and the confidence to apply them"

Carol Hogg

"Kerwin is a fabulous presenter. His... ideas are cutting edge, simple, and very economical to implement. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from him"

Darrell Hardidge

"The seminar has given me the business building tools to build my finances around my passions"

Gee-Wai Kwok

"I have attended a few seminars in the past. This is by far the best one to have attended; Kerwin is truly an expert in this field"

Michael Yu

"I've had a business idea that up to this point I've had no confidence or tools to make implementing it possible. Thanks to this program I now have the beginnings of a business plan and an awesome tool to complete this process commencing down the road of becoming financially secure"

Kerrie Price

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Tickets $1,297 Yours Free Till Sold Out

A short while ago I made this fascinating discovery: almost anyone can gain success and wealth using just four simple secrets...

And now I'd like to share them with you -- and a small, exclusive group of serious, committed business-minded people -- in a FREE presentation in June.

Does that sound like something that might interest you?

If you've been on my mailing list or in my social network for a while, you know I always, always, ALWAYS over-deliver.

And that's the first reason why I think you're going to LOVE this program. Because, as you can see from the headline above, I'm going to pack A LOT into this short 1-day program!

The second reason why I'm convinced you're going to find this REALLY exciting is the event is FREE!.
(Please REGISTER on this page to get a ticket to admit you and a friend.)

As you know I don't normally do free events, because frankly, I believe there is so much value in what I show people that it would be criminal to give it away FREE... (Besides as you know, if you've ever lent anything to anybody ever - people don't respect or value anything they don't have to pay for).

Something you should know: This event is actually worth $1,297... however for a limited time it is FREE

Why FREE? And why NOW?

Well, 2013 is the last year I'm running events. (I'm retiring from the speaking circus to focus on other projects.) And after years of sharing the stage with business and sales and marketing experts such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and "The Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort, I want to make 2013 the BIGGEST and BEST year you've ever had...

My personal goal is to share more proven methods with more people around Australia, and use my influence and hard-won knowledge and expertise to show you how to succeed in business, even if you're starting out with a tiny budget... even if you feel like your business has stalled... even if you've struggled to scratch out a living for years...

Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover when you attend:

  • How to become an in-demand and highly paid expert in your field - by discovering the almost forgotten art of knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it efficiently and effectively
  • How to create products from scratch - using the proven products-creation blueprint that will have you popping out info products within 30 minutes (I've personally used this blueprint for the last 12 years to create millions of dollars, for myself and my clients)
  • How to access cash fast... and use it to grow your business, develop ideas or buy someone else business with zero risk!
  • How to "download" and program your mind for "peak performance" - a new method of thinking that makes working, motivation and creativity almost automatic

And that's only half of this FREE presentation!

The Psychology & Mechanics of Peak Performance

This FREE live event is called the Peak Performance Blueprint. And it does exactly what it says on the box. It gives you a tested and proven blueprint that will allow you to achieve "peak performance" in your business right now.

From the mindset... understanding the thoughts, beliefs and mental processes that can truly transform the way you think and behave...

Through to the mechanics... knowing EXACTLY what to do, when to do it, and why you should do it this way. (I'll give you the blueprint to follow, so you don't have to worry about trying to find your own way blindly... or you could follow the well-meaning - but misguided - advice of some textbook cowboy, who has never done more than READ about what it takes to succeed!)

In this short 6-hour session, I'm going to set you up for the most productive and successful year of your life. And as a special BONUS I'm going to hand you the two latest and most cutting-edge strategies for getting more leads than you could possibly handle.

What's the Peak Performance Blueprint all about?

It's all about making YOU massively productive. Giving YOU the knowledge and skills to identify the RIGHT things to do at the right time. And the ability to do these things in an incredibly efficient and effective way.

It's basically the same blueprint I've followed to achieve my personal success.

And guess what?

It ALL comes down to just 4 simple things.

And at your FREE Peak Performance Blueprint program in March I'm going to literally hand you that blueprint.

Yes. I'm going to reveal the formula to you in FULL. I won't hold anything back.

First up, you'll see...

How to Access "The Millionaire Within"

Listen up:

Your mind is far more powerful than you or I or even Stephen Hawking could ever understand. And, believe it or not, just a subtle shift in the way you think about money and success could instantly unlock its incredible power.

I know this because every year I study more than 1,200 of the world's wealthiest and most elite entrepreneurs. (Sounds like an overstatement, doesn't it? Well it won't - once you discover my personal productivity secrets and where I go to get this info - I will give you ALL my resources!)

And you know what? These wealthy, elite business people are no smarter than you or me. (In fact, some have the IQ of a bag of hammers.) However, it has been proven time again that IQ has NOTHING to do with success.

The people who you read about on lists of wealth - like the Forbes Richest People Under 40 list - have simply harnessed the power of their minds (and followed a few proven strategies) to achieve incredible things. And if you come to the Peak Performance Blueprint, you can do it, too.

Without Exception - Every Successful Entrepreneur I've Studied
Whether They Realise It Consciously Or Not
Developed This Mindset Before They Became Wealthy --
And If You Want To Achieve Success Like Theirs,
You Need To Do It Too...

And if you want to start making serious income then I'm going to show you how to break free from your current way of thinking (which is why you are where you are) and replace it with a new, wealth psychology that is geared towards Peak Performance.

Look, right now this probably sounds a bit strange.

But as soon as you've "downloaded" this mindset into your consciousness, you'll have the power to start THINKING and ACTING like someone who makes serious money.

After your session with me, you will think bigger, faster, more decisively and you will also find yourself acting on things you have learnt immediately. You will see yourself radiating a level of confidence normally only seen in other successful people.

Frankly, developing this mindset is the ultimate shortcut to a successful and abundant life. And you'll feel the transformation taking place while you're with me in the room in March!

Claim Your Tickets...

Tickets $1,297 Yours Free Till Sold Out

In the first session you'll discover...

The 4 things that make up a Wealth Psychology -- and the # 1 thing you can do right now in this moment to make a dramatic shift towards achieving it that you will feel immediately (Nothing long or complicated. It's quick and simple.)


The keys to controlling the destructive emotions that destroy your ability to create and keep wealth -- understanding this concept could be the one thing that changes everything for you in 2013 (Be warned: this content is HIGHLY CONTROVERSAL!)


The truth about beliefs and how they are formed and how you can reshape them fast for immediate results (takes less than 5 minutes)


How to overcome past failures and the so-called "fear of failure" and self-sabotage that continues to rob entrepreneurs of all ages and creeds of the ability to create lasting results.


How to bust through road blocks, leap over hurdles and harness the motivation levels of an Olympic athlete to make your business keep growing and growing


The tools for keeping cool in high pressure situations (so you avoid doing or saying the wrong thing and sabotaging your success)


How to completely avoid being manipulated by false promises and devious people with selfish intentions (this will save you a lot of time... and very painful, costly mistakes)

And that's not all. Because once you've got the right mindset you need some PROVEN BUSINESS STRATEGIES to go along with them.

I call these the Mechanics...

Fact is, using these strategies...

I took my first business to over $1 million in just 3 months starting from scratch


I took a home-based business from $400k to $8,000,000 ($5M profit) with just 6 phone calls and 18 months of part-time work


I started another business with $2,000 on a credit card and 2.5 years later it turned over $3.2 million -- and I was only working maybe an average of two-and-a-half hours a day on that business


I bought a business valued at $1.2 million for no money down and increased revenues by over 900% in just over 12 months


I took another business from a turnover of $320k to $6.9 million in just 9 months


I have been able to work in over 154 industries in 11 countries around the world and generate almost $120M for my clients, most of which were home-based and small businesses

And now I'm going to hand them to you on a platter.

If you can follow my step-by-step system... if you can follow this simple recipe for success... then your first big win in business might be just around the corner.

Truth be known, I've probably seen hundreds of strategies for making money over the years. And yes, I'll admit that some of them will make you money.

But here's the problem. Most of them are painfully slow, taking years before you start seeing real results. And who has that sort of time to waste these days?

Which is why every single strategy I'll show you at this event will...

  1. Be dead-simple to understand and easy to implement quickly and get results fast
  2. Give you serious cash flow for minimum effort (you still have to put in some effort... if you believe you can get "money for nothing", what I teach is not for you), and
  3. Keep earning your money almost on autopilot (Note: again I did say almost. The secret is making sure you work SMARTER and invest YOUR energy in the areas that will have the biggest pay-off for you.)

Also, in this first session, I'm also going to give you the details of the most lethally effective strategy I know for increasing the number of customers you have and the amount of revenue you bring in from them... (more on that in a moment).

Plus, you'll also walk out with a step-by-step guide to doing your very own 6-figure deals.

In the second session you'll discover...

How I made $22,794 in 1 week (whilst on holidays the week before Xmas) while preparing for my wedding - you'll see the step-by-step process, as well as all the tricks and tips so you can replicate it


The product creation blueprint for producing high-quality products, services, events, videos, DVDs, eBooks, white papers, coaching programs and online training programs for any industry or profession! (Easily done in 30 minutes or less)


The 4 keys to building your brand as an expert in your industry - I'm talking a legitimate brand that will leave people in awe of you, before and after they meet you


The 2 things I learnt when I went inside Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley that will double your opt-in and web conversions (this strategy increased Facebook's engagement by 20% - yes FACEBOOK!)


The 3 steps to building your Expert Brand and getting yourself listed on over 1,200 websites (all 3rd party sites and all positioning you as the # 1 Expert in your field)


The 7 Steps to building a 7 figure business in 2 years or less...


The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES people make when trying to build a million-dollar business (this will save you time, money and a lot of headaches)


The 12 steps to setting up your business so it runs on AUTO PILOT -- and actually creates value and generates sales without you having to be there


The 6 things you MUST do to make money with Social Media -- and the # 1 mistake EVERYONE makes when starting out with this tool (you won't believe how everyone keeps messing this up, when you see how obvious it is)


The 4 things you must know if you want your website to RANK ON GOOGLE (The game has changed: do you know the new rules of Search?)


A dead simple tactic I learnt from the fast food industry on getting 33% more dollars through your door on EXISTING sales by changing only ONE thing


An easy way to draw existing clients back to your business - so brutally effective your competition will beg you to reveal what you did to become so popular and create such a loyal fan base of clients


The new rules of raising money that almost nobody knows about - one of these rules requires no debt and no equity and gives you all the cash


The single most important key to your success -- and whywithout it you're destined to FAIL

Kerwin Rae has been featured in:

Do You Need Access To Funding To Make Money?

Because Kerwin, I believe I need money to make money!

I hear this a lot and know it is far from the truth however while you're here I'm going to get my good mate Sean Soole to show you how the fastest start-ups and existing businesses in Australia get their funding...

And surprise, surprise it's not from a bank!

Imagine a new investor giving you $100k and looking over your business to make sure it's growing the right way.

According to Sean Soole the biggest thing stopping you from making 5, 10 or even 50 times as much money is your ability to raise and use capital quickly.

And he should know because he has helped create overnight successes like...

A Start Up Scaffolding Business to double their turnover 3 financial years in a row.


He acquired 10 businessesin the finance industry using none of his own money in under 2 years


Was an instrumental part of a Hairdressing products business that raised $250,000 in capital and brought in US company to buy in.

This is the art of real entrepreneurship. It's all about leveraging other people's money to get there faster. You can even do it to cash out for a huge profit and do it all over again.

Here's just a few imaginative ways. You can use Sean's 'saleable and scalable' strategies:

Inject your business with cash to expand nationally, take your empire overseas, or buy the equipment to tackle your biggest competitors head on or even simply start your business.


Acquire other businesses and gain access to their customer database, products and equipment. And you can do it with none of your own money so you can do it again and again.


Cash out of your business at a huge profit by designing it to be sold. And if you're planning to exit your business in the next few years you need to know this strategy.

These strategies are the undiscovered gems of the business world. They're known only to a handful of entrepreneurs who use them every time to build business empires fast using none of their own money.

So who does this? Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, James Packer, Mark Bouris, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), Steve Jobs and the list goes on.

Fact - 97% of the RICH 200 in Australia have done some form of capital raising at some point...

And Sean's going to reveal it all at Smart Money, Smart Marketing.

In Sean's session you'll discover...

The secret almost nobody (except a few elite, very wealthy entrepreneurs) knows about presenting your business to potential investors. Understand this and you'll pick and choose who invests - and on what terms.


Where the perfect investors are hiding. Sure, there are plenty of people willing to give you money but only a handful will unlock doors to amazing new opportunities. Sean's going to show you how to find them.


What to say to potential investors who have their own language and way of operating. If you don't 'speak their lingo' they'll reject you in a second. But if you know how they tick they'll treat you like part of the family.


What a Board of advisors is and how to easily recruit brilliant minds to help grow your business. If you know of Napoleon Hill's Mastermind principle then you know what a board of advisors could be worth.


How to develop an exit strategy that guarantees you can cash out for a huge profit. And even if you're not planning to sell now sometimes circumstances force your hand. You should always be ready to cash out at short notice.


Why your exit strategy is so important. Did you know that sadly most businesses never sell? They sit on the market for a year before closing their doors with their owners getting nothing. Sean will show you how to turn your business exit into the biggest payday of your life.


How to prove your business' strategic value so you can cash out at a much higher figure than the old '3 times profit multiplier' formula most ill-informed business brokers use, and


How to raise as much capital as possible while still keeping the majority of ownership and control in your hands

Imagine how you'll feel when you jump on board the financial fast-lane. Imagine your life 12 months from now when you've raised the capital to undergo a massive expansion, or acquire a competitor to become the undisputed number one in your market.

How will it feel when the stress of keeping your business afloat has vanished? How great will it be to spend more time with your family and friends who have supported you for years? Better still you'll finally be able to take holidays and reward those close to you with gifts and all the things they may have done without over the years.

That's what Sean's capital acquisition strategies give you. They give you control back over your life and business and the freedom most entrepreneurs crave. And the opportunity to grow your business as quickly and safely as you desire.

I have to warn you: This 6-hour workshop will be intense.

It contains the same amount of information I'd usually spread over 2 full days. But I know you're busy. So I've compressed it into a hurricane-like 1-day program for you.

You'll still get 2 entire day's education. But it will move damn fast, right between breakfast and dinner. (Don't worry: we will break for lunch!) So come prepared to take notes. Because I'll cover a lot of grounds with a lot of simple steps and I don't want you to miss anything.

This is one date on the calendar I recommend you dedicate to your business, your lifestyle and your family or loved ones... because the techniques and tactics you're going to take home from here could give you quick results... and set you up for massive success in the coming 12 months.

Can YOU Afford To Miss This FREE Event?

Don't be one of those people who catch themselves thinking, "I really wish I'd done that important thing I've been meaning to do today, but...

      I forgot...

      I ran out of time...

      I'm too tired...

      But I PROMISE to get up early, get on top of my work, and get to it tomorrow..."

For most of these dreamers, tomorrow will never come.

But if you want to be different... If you want to take action... If you want to seize control of your life and financial future YOU need to come to this event because it could mean you finally enjoy...

  • No more 60+ hour weeks.
  • No more time vampire clients, sucking you dry of all your time, money and motivation.
  • No more not knowing what to do, how to do it or when to do things (I'm giving you the plan).

No more working your butt off, only to keep making the same amount of money. If You Have Been Waiting For A Sign THIS IS IT!

Look, if you want to succeed in your business you need every weapon in your toolbox you can get. It's tough out there. And you can't afford to keep working long hours, day after day, without achieving meaningful success.

Bankruptcy is up, business failure is up and confusion about what to do in business is at an all-time high.

If you don't mind me being direct, I've been the secret weapon that's helped some of the top speakers around the world and countless businesses in over 11 countries achieve success - when it didn't look like they would on their own.

So if you want help getting more done in the next 12 months - if you want to unlock the wealth in your business - then you need to be at the Peak Performance Blueprint in June.

(Register your details and select your session in the box below to claim your FREE ticket.)

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Tickets $1,297 Yours Free Till Sold Out

Tell you what... If you're sitting on the fence about this, let me give you two EXTRA reasons to come along...

Yours FREE when you attend Kerwin Rae's Peak Performance Blueprint

In this special bonus eBook, you'll receive a step-by-step guide to setting up your first million-dollar joint venture from scratch. (The 7 principles behind this strategy make the whole process a breeze.)

Plus it's full of REAL case studies you can copy, along with letters scripts, tips and tricks you will get all my JV secrets with NO fluff!

* Bonuses are only available to participants who attend the event

Yours FREE when you attend Kerwin Rae's Peak Performance Blueprint

In your second bonus, you'll receive all the business-building insights, tips and techniques recently revealed to a packed house at the "Smart Money, Smart Marketing Super Conference" of 2012.

At this event I gave away my favourite strategies for pulling in money fast, building 7 figure businesses that run with you, getting access to investor capital, how to set up a business for investors and where to go to find them. And when you come to the FREE Peak Performance Blueprint event, you get ALL the insights revealed at this event FREE!.

My recommendation? Watch the video. Follow the recommendations. (They could make a phenomenal difference to your business.)

* Bonuses are only available to participants who attend the event

The Time Has Come - Now Make Your Choice

If you're serious about success, you won't pass up this opportunity to spend a whole day with me for FREE learning techniques I've used to generate millions of dollars for myself -- and close to $120 million for my clients.

Space is limited. (I have only booked a small venue.) So, if you're even half interested, you need to click here to grab your complimentary ticket now before you miss out on a seat.

The Peak Performance Blueprint is going to be fast-paced, ground-breaking program. And I believe it will set you up for the best 12 months of your life.

Can't wait to see you!

Select your location from this list now:

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Tickets $1,297 Yours Free Till Sold Out

P.S. Lack of results and loss of motivation are two of the biggest reasons people walk away from their businesses.

Isn't it time you rewarded yourself and your loved ones by being successful beyond your wildest imagination? Join me at the FREE Peak Performance Blueprint program in June and unlock the potential in your business, ABSOLUTELY FREE!.

P.P.S. This may sound cliche but I need to be clear on something - This event is ONLY for you if you are SERIOUS and COMMITTED to achieving greater success in your business, career, chosen field and truly increasing your wealth. So PLEASE tyre kickers DO NOT register for a free ticket.

Only register if you are committed to transforming your life and your business, and using this FREE training to take your success to a much higher level.

Can't wait to see you there!

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